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Bourbon whiskey - it's America's native spirit, with roots dating back to 18th century.

But the way we look at it, the story of bourbon has only just begun. The industry is witnessing unprecedented growth, as drinkers from all walks of life are discovering and loving this spirit made with exacting standards. As we see the industry grow and thrive, we also see the culture surrounding it take new form. Bourbon is showing up in places never seen before, with ever-increasing demand across the globe and new markets developing seemingly every day. It’s long been a gentleman’s drink, and continues to be, though women have certainly been an integral part of the recent bourbon boom.

Why bourbon? Well for one, it’s unquestionably distinct. In bourbon, you’ll find a unique balance of history and innovation, approachability and sophistication, simplicity and complexity. Those that are well acquainted with it know that bourbon is truly fascinating. It’s the source of stories shared and a catalyst for creating new ones. It’s a spirit that embraces character and flavor, and has nothing to hide. Unlike many of its competing spirits, bourbon whiskey is enjoyable neat, on the rocks, as a part of your favorite cocktail, or even in cooking, making it quite possibly the most versatile liquor in the world.

The American Bourbon Association was founded by the Sazerac Company to ensure bourbon whiskey is respected around the world as the highest quality whiskey made. We hope to be your source for news and information about all bourbons and all bourbon distilleries. We not only look at the news and trends within the industry, but the ever-evolving culture and lifestyle surrounding our beloved spirit. We want to get to know the influencers, the distillers, the distributors, the mixologists, the everyday drinkers— the people that are continuing to bring bourbon to the forefront. We aim to be the global authority on all things bourbon. We hope to educate new audiences and do everything we can to help foster the new bourbon revolution throughout the world.

Here, you’ll find all of the latest news and coverage involving bourbon whiskey—industry news, lifestyle features, recipes and plenty more. In addition, we will be your source for keeping up with the bourbon experience, from awards and competitions, to distillery tours, great bourbon bars and can’t-miss events. Explore the rich heritage of bourbon, and see how the spirit is carefully crafted. You can find information on distilleries, along with their portfolio of great bourbons, and even information on the retailers that carry them.

The American Bourbon Association is your source for bourbon news worldwide.