Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Colglazier & Hobson Distilling Company uses old-world techniques that have worked for hundreds of years. All of our spirits are made in copper stills unlike many larger spirit manufacturers. The copper acts on the mash to create a clean, smooth finish. All of our stills were custom made to founder, Stuart Hobson's, design. A family owned business in Germany that has been making stills for over 150 years built them all. Heartland Distillers' strives to maintain the highest standard of quality with our spirits. Using the batch distillation method, we always remove the first part of the batch. Many large spirit producers leave this in jeopardizing the integrity of their product. Our standard of quality doesn't end at the end of production. We also hand bottle and hand label every spirit that leaves our distillery. This dedication to excellent spirits separates us from our competitors.


9402 Uptown Drive, Suite 1000
Indianapolis, IN 46256
United States

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