As with most micro distilleries, it started with a dream. We first talked about distilling our own Vodka, Gin and Bourbon a good number of years ago, and now the dream has come true. After a lot of hard work, a sizable investment, and a great deal of passion, Colorado Gold distillery can now provide you with high quality Colorado-made distilled spirits — Vodka, Gin, and Bourbon. Colorado Gold Spirits are distilled using an Arnold Holstein Batch Reflux Still. Arnold Holstein, located in Germany, has been making high quality stills for 50 years. The beautiful copper used in the still is not just to make it look impressive. The copper actually contributes to the smoothness of our spirits by removing impurities. Don't let the large size of the still deceive you. We are in every way a craft distillery. Painstaking effort and skill go into making our spirits one small batch at a time. We meticulously control the quality of each batch to assure that you get the finest spirits we can offer.


1290 S Grand Mesa Dr
Cedaredge, CO 81413
United States

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