Dark Corner Distillery is a craft micro distillery located on Main Street in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. Our focus is on producing small batches of the World’s Best Moonshine, aged whiskey, gin, absinthe and other distilled spirits while educating locals and tourists alike about our rich Appalachian heritage. The distillery itself is boutique and housed in an old building constructed in 1925. Our 80 gallon copper pot still and distillation system were designed by the founder of the distillery to favor quality and taste over quantity, and are clearly visible for all to see. We firmly believe that the use of time-honored methods and equipment plays a vital role in producing the World’s Best Moonshine and many other award-winning distilled spirits. Distillery promotional items, Moonshine-infused food pantry goods and local mountain crafts are for sale and can be purchased in our retail storefront. Tastings are offered daily, and you may even hear some picking of live banjo under our canopy. Plan on visiting us and staying a while. This is Appalachia at its best!


241-B N. Main Street
Greenville, SC 29601
United States

Tours Available

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