Here’s the skinny on Flat Lander’s. Our name comes from the term associated with poking fun at folks that don’t live in the hills. We‘ve taken the backwoods knowledge of distillin’ and moonshinin’ and refined them as art form. What happened along the way was this nice little niche we found. We call it-the Barstillery ™. Think- custom distilled and premium, certified organic crafted products off site, under careful management and then shipped to us for mixing and enjoying – or drinkin’ neat. While searching for the right company to handle our custom distillations, we realized that keeping it local; Michigan’s amazing fresh water source, plentiful certified organic grains, fruits and fine craftsmanship in the microbrew/distilling business would yield great premium products. Keeping with the local and even hyper-local spirit, we’ve added some great micro brews and hard ciders from our neighbors to enhance your experience. To fully round out your experience here at Flats, we set root in this raw, rustic old sawmill building. With almost a century removed, charred old growth hardwood interior, we’ve kept as much as possible original, producing a unique space that appears as it did decades ago, only a little more refined.


Grand Rapids, MI 49503
United States

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Flat Landers Bourbon