For over 200 years, our Distillery has been defined by a dedication to one craft: making fine bourbon whiskey. By honoring tradition and embracing change, Buffalo Trace Distillery has earned its place of leadership among the legendary spirits makers of the world. Take a look at this time honored craft from start to finish. No Distillery has earned more domestic and international accolades than Buffalo Trace. Writers, enthusiasts and spirits competitions around the globe have awarded more than 500 accolades to our brands. The title of “world’s most award-winning distillery” has been earned through the uncompromising dedication of our craftsmen for well over 200 years. Their passion for distilling, passed down for two centuries, is revered by experts worldwide. In 2013, Buffalo Trace Distillery added its most cherished distinction yet – National Historic Landmark. After taking more than 200 years to achieve, the Distillery joined this elite group of the most influential places in North America. This award, more important than any others, is for the Distillery, its people, its builders, its visionaries, its preservers and its protectors.


113 Great Buffalo Trace
Frankfort, KY 40601
United States

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George T. Stagg Rock Hill Farms O.F.C. Vintages Weller Full Proof Weller C.Y.P.B Old Charter Oak Hancock's Reserve Rock Hill Farms Single Oak Project Ancient Age Benchmark Blanton's Single Barrel Buffalo Trace E.H. Taylor, Jr. Barrel Proof E.H. Taylor, Jr. Single Barrel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch Eagle Rare Eagle Rare 17 year Elmer T. Lee Old Charter Weller Antique Stagg Jr. Weller 12 Year Weller Special Reserve