Heaven Hill Distilleries

Elijah Craig was named for a reverend who lived in Virginia. He kept a warehouse where he stored barrels and one day experienced a devastating fire. He used the charred casks regardless and found they imparted a lovely character. This is a great 12 year old small batch bourbon, named in his honour.

http://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/elijah-craig-small-batch-bourbon-12-year-ol… 47.00% 79.00 Elijah Craig 12 Year rye 12 Kentucky #ElijahCraig #HeavenHillDistilleries

The nose is quite thick and full. There is a beautiful sweetness with notes of toasty oak, toffee, spicy stewed fruits, a touch of resin and a lovely creme anglaise character. The palate is full and sublimely smooth with notes if stewed Bramley apples, malmsey, a touch of aniseed and a hint of spice. The finish is of good length with toasty oak notes and a creamy sweetness.